"Ain’t no party like a bungalow party!"
Don’t tell them too much about your soul. They’re waiting for just that. Jack Kerouac, Windblown World: The Journals of Jack Kerouac 1947-1954. (via 13neighbors)

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Diabetic, Gout-Ridden Kim Jong-Un By Far Healthiest Person In North Korea


treating a woman with respect and regarding her as a human being doesn’t automatically mean ur cock deserves to get stroked sorry to break it to u

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icelandic police are wankers for the simple fact that THEY ARE THE FUCKING POLICE stop praising them as innocent little angels just because
they took pictures with a cat and held a lgbt pride flag

that (icelandic police) post is really gross because of this

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Look what I found


punk boys out here like “i fucking hate racists. homophobia is horrible. smash racism and kill all rapists. women deserve safe spaces.” then they turn around n are like “lol yeah girls just freak out about everything all the time i dont get why they’re uncomfortable at shows they must just not get punk. why are you so nervous quit making a big deal out of it. yeah that guy is a misogynist, but his band is sick and thats different.”

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Me: “dad am i adopted?”
Dad:no, ur David. why woud anyone name you ‘Adopted’? even if we wanted to, ur name was alredy David when we adopted you

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